Pearl White 1996 300ZX 2+2 5-Speed – No Longer For Sale

Here is my 1996 300ZX 2+2, it has about 125,250 miles and at this time it is my daily driver. These 5 speed 2+2 models are hard to find, especially from the final year they were produced. The car runs and drives but I don’t think it runs like it should, it seems sluggish and just a bit out of tune; I am out of funds to do any more work on the car. I purchased this car a little over 3 years ago with plans to restore it to full glory but at this point I think it’s time I pass the car on to someone who might be able to take it to the next level. With our current financial situation it no longer makes sense to invest anything else in the car. It’s not a perfect car and I’ve researched pricing on quite a few so I think my asking price of $3,800 is fair but I’m willing to listen to any reasonable offer. The car has a clear Oklahoma title.

Some of the specs:
3.0 liter V6 with 223 HP Normally Aspirated (No Turbos)
5 Speed Manual Transmission
2+2 (4 seater)
More info about this model here:

Here is some of what I’ve done since I’ve owned the car, I recently added up everything I’ve done to the car and it’s over $3,400 now which is part of why I decided I can’t put any more into the car:

Timing Belt replaced at 111,325 miles
Water Pump, Thermostat, Belts
Deatschwerks Fuel Injectors
NGK Plugs
AMS lightweight flywheel and pulleys
Z1 Motorsports Performance Clutch
Catalytic Converters/Mufflers
O2 Sensors
Fuel Filter, Fuel Hose, Fuel Pressure Regulator, Fuel Dampener
LED cluster lights
Z1 Motorsports cluster rings
Brake Pads and rotors
New Radiator Fan
MAF Sensor
Throttle Position Sensor

Here is a list of things that need to be addressed with the car:

As mentioned above, something with the how it runs isn’t right, it is sluggish and doesn’t run as strong as it should.

I had an import shop replace the clutch last year and since then the car has a vibration at around 40+ MPH, it is most noticeable between 45-55 mph. I took it back to get fixed and they told me it was the tires but I’m not real sure about that, although it does seem worse on cold days which would make sense because of the tires being harder then.

Speaking of tires, it needs new ones, has a mixed set on it now but they seem to have a decent amount of tread left.

I had this same shop weld on new Magnaflow catalytic converters and exhaust and I don’t like how loud it is, I think the sound is made worse by the motor not running 100% properly. They also could have done a better job of mounting the mufflers, they rattle sometimes at lower RPMs.

The previous owner installed a K&N filter in place of the factory intake, personally I wish he’d left it as is because I think the car idles odd when coasting at speed because of this, getting too much straight airflow.

The undershroud under the motor is held on by a couple of original screws and some zip-ties and duct tape since a couple of the screws broke off.

The stereo needs at least one new rear speaker.

A few minor body dents and dings and paint blemishes, crack on rear bumper and front air dam, previous owner had passenger front fender backed into and so he had it replaced. The paint isn’t a perfect match and the front bumper still shows signs of the damage.

The previous owner had some cheap rubber steering wheel wrap and it has a petroleum smell to it that I still haven’t been able to get out of the steering wheel.

LED lights on the AC control unit go off and on at times and the high beam indicator light on the dash sometimes decides to go off.

There is a pretty large hole in the leather on the driver’s seat bolster and the cover on the rear passenger panel is coming off.

Power antenna is broken, the part that pushes it up and down is broken so I unplugged it so that it doesn’t try to raise and lower all the time.

It could use new window tint or have the current stuff removed, the tint is showing its age.

These are all the things that come to mind right now, I just want to be as upfront as possible since I’m selling the car as-is so you know what you are getting.

I’m currently asking $3,800 for the car but I’m listening to all offers, email if you are interested or have more questions.

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    1. Hi Janet, I do still have the car, it’s been in the garage for the last 2.5 years or so because the idler pulley bold broke off in the engine block. I am hoping to finally start working to get it running again soon!

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